Tuesday, December 7, 2010

is chilli your thing?

Remember i used to make chilli paste for bbq events in the past. As time goes by, friends and families are busy with their own life and hardly organise any bbq events until last week bbq class gathering at aloha.  To my surprise, one of my friends rang me up to ask whether i'm making any chilli paste for the gathering because they miss the awesome taste of the chilli paste and hope that i can make some to curb their temptations. It has been so long since we had bbq but they still did not forget my chilli paste, i began to wonder the standard of my chilli paste. Is it really that delectable?

At the gathering, all my classmates and friends enjoyed the chilli paste and request me to make more of it for the next gathering.. i was like..  oh no. it require a lot of hard work. They gave me positive feedback about the chilli paste and encourage me to sell it "if i'm able to" because it taste really awesome when it's bbq with stingray and when it's dip on food.

I think for awhile and decided to sell the chilli paste on my blog.

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  1. Yup i have tried the paste... its was awesome!! it blend so well with the food!!